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Welcome To Maa Nursing Home

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The Best Eye Clinic in Malad West, Mumbai

Maa Nursing Home Eye Clinic in Malad West, Mumbai was established in 2002 to offer globally standard Eye Care service to those who are suffering from Eye problems. Our vision is to bring effective eye care to every strata of our society that reaches beyond caste, creed and economic barriers. This vision was shared by Dr. Jugal Shah & Dr. Jyoti Shah whose is the expression of the love and care she has towards her patients.


We serve the whole of Mumbai but particularly the nodes of western suburbs. View our list of doctors and staff here

Computer Vision Syndrome

Staring at a computer monitor for hours has become a part of the modern workday. All of that staring inevitably puts a real strain on your eyes. Read More

Dry Eyes

People with dry eyes either do not produce enough tears or have a poor quality of tears. Dry eyes is a common and often. Read More

Cornea DSAEK

The cornea, the transparent front “window of the eye”, is responsible for about two thirds of the focusing power of the eye. Read More


Glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to your eye’s optic nerve and gets worse over time. It’s often associated with a buildup of pressure inside the eye. Read More


A cataract is a loss of transparency, or clouding, of the normally clear lens of the eye. Read More


LASIK is a procedure which rectifies refractive errors (like myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism ) with the use of eximer laser. Read More


ISO 9001 2015 Certified

100% Private & Confidential

Fully-Equipped Operation Theater

Pioneers in Congenital Cataract Surgery

24 Hours Emergency Care & Cashless Mediclaim Facility

Operated More Than 50000 Patients Till Date

Dedicated & Well Educated Staff

NABH (Entry Level) Pre Accredited Hospital

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