Our vision is to eradicate treatable eye disease in the weaker section of society. Recently we screened 189 patients with common eye disease like cataract, diabetic retinopathy, refractive error etc. We had diagnosed 47 cataract patients of which 26 have been operated for free and subsidized rate with latest laser (Phaco) technique.

Maa Nursing Home And Netrajyoti Eyecare Centre is spreading the light of Vision And joy. The charitable wings of Maa Nursing Home accomplished another charitable activity at the remote area of Virar (Agashii) on 7 Oct 2017. Our team screened 208 patients, 48 spectacles were dispensed for free, and 47 patients were advised cataract surgery. We will be operating 47 cataract patients for free/ subsidized rate with latest NO PAD, NO INJECTION LASER PHACO TECHNIQUE.

Now a days medical care cost has gone through the roof. To help our less fortunate brethren we had organized an eye and gynaec camp on 4th June 2017 Sunday at Maa Nursing Home And Netrajyoti Eyecare Centre from 9am to 1pm. We screened 168 patients with common eye diseases like cataract, glaucoma, Diabetic retinopathy etc. We had diagnosed 39 cataract patients of which 17 have been operated for free/ subsidized rate with the latest laser (phaco) technique.We acknowledge the generous grant given by Mr. Vijay Aggrawal and Mr.Dinesh bhai Savla.

The charitable wing of Maa nursing Home and Netrajyoti Eyecare proudly announces the accomplishment of another major charitable activity at the remote village of Pune(Jama Masjid, Kharad wadi, Pimpari) on 18th June 2017. Out team relentlessly worked to help alleviate the suffering of the not so privileged. We screened 305 patients with common eye problem like cataract, glaucoma, squint etc. We had diagnosed 22 cataract patient and 2 squint patients who will be operated at our hospital. All the surgeries will be supported by Hi-tech Plast Ltd (Mr. Malav Dani).

Cataract accounts majority of treatable blindness. The problem is acute in remote rural areas. Private doctors are beyond the reach of the general masses. Hence Dr. Jugal Shah has made his life mission “To eradicate blindness and provide quality eyecare to all strata of society.” He operated many difficult cataract patients at Shri Vagad Welfare Hospital Bhachau, Kutch Gujarat on 29th May 2017. The surgery were successfully operated by the latest No Pad, NO Injection, Laser Phaco technique.

At Maa Nursing Home we believe in spreading light of vision and joy to all strata of society. Hence we conduct regular eye camps.The latest was on May 1st 2017 at Sahyadri Nagar D/2 Charkop Kandivali (West). 89 patients were screened. 12 were diagnosed cataract, 13 patients were advised treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy, 2 were advised LASIK, 20 spectacles were dispensed for free, 12 patients were advised treatment after hospital visit, 19 patient were prescribed medicines.

WE firmly believe that the Advance Medical care should not remain to the privilege of the rich. Under the banner of CALIX pharma and SUN Pharma, A free in house camp was held at Maa nursing Home And Netrajyoti Eyecare Centre. 82 patients were screened, 31 spectacles were dispensed for free,19 patients had advised Diabetic retinopathy, 25 patients advised cataract surgery We acknowledge the contribution of Mr. Kirit Manek, Mr. Kirti Jasani, Ms. Nagma Sheikh, Ms. Swati Gade , Ms Ishrat Chaudhary, Ms Dharmishta Soni, Mr. Kesharimal Jain. All the patients were served light snacks and cold drink. All in all a highly successful camp.

Cataract is the most common eye problem faced in the remote areas of India. Vatsalya Gram conducts periodic eye camp for the under privileged in Vrindavan. Dr. Jugal Shah along with his team performed 345 cataract surgeries. Dr. Jugal Shah operated all the cases with latest NO injection, NO pad with Laser Phaco Technique.

charkop camp

On the auspicious occasion of our 70th Independence day on 15 August 2016 We had an “Independence from blindness” camp at Sahyadri D2 Sarvajanik Utsav mandal Charkop from 9am-1pm. Our team screened 246 patients. We gave 102 Spectacles free of charges. We diagnosed 42/54 cataract which will be operated free of charge at Maa nursing home and Netrajyoti eye care centre by our chief surgeon Dr. Jugal P. Shah.Also other patients we advised for Diabetic Retinopathy, Squint and Lasik (freedom from spectacles).It was very well organized camp and appreciated by one all.